At SANKRAFT it all comes down to bonding with the intended audience - making emotional connections and telling a story that hits a sweet spot and resonates long after the message ends. Every aspect of our process involves a holistic, dynamic, multi-touch, multi-media, multi-channel approach.

we Understand
Through research and discovery, the assimilation of historical data, and our own methodologies, we build a comprehensive picture of your brand´s overall health.

we Think
Our brand blueprints capture the essence of your brand. They direct and focus our ideas and communications. Our blueprint includes focused strategies and finely tuned tactical ideas, as well as an action plan with budgets, timelines and benchmarks.

we Create
ROE - Return On Emotion - results in ROI. The single greatest hedge against economic upheaval, customer whims and evolving competitive landscapes is a strong emotional connection with your customers. Our ideas create passionate relationships that produce superior results.

we Deploy
This is where multi-channel facility and skill come into play. We have multiple checkpoint systems to insure timely follow-up and reporting of response and level of audience engagement.

we Measure & Adapt
We regroup and measure, not just whether we are meeting our goals, but also whether the targets have changed.

You´ve built your organization to adapt, withstand and succeed in an everchanging environment. Your campaign should do so as well.